book story

wonderful - this is what we all imagine goes on while no-one's watching, no?

created (clearly with a lot of love and hard graft) by sean ohlenkamp & lisa blonder ohlenkamp at type bookstore in toronto.

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A Thousand Thieves on

trixie whitley

beautiful... a thousand thieves filmed by matthu placek.

happy new year folks!

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Diving for McQueen on

Diving for McQueen

Nice interview just posted on Nowness, between Creative Director Sarah Burton and New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn.

There haven't been a whole lot of interviews with Burton just yet, so it is really interesting to see her in action, discussing the late designer, and her thoughts about his defining design principles.

These are interesting times for the fashion house (after what could only have been an incredibly sad period).

heroes: sideshow alley

I love not visiting a site for a while, and upon returning, being happily surprised by the new bits that i need to catch up on!

For example, the new-ish vids uploaded by sideshow alley. I've mentioned these guys before, here...

I'm loving this duet of Kimbra and Sam Lawrence, filmed 'off Fitzroy St, Fitzroy'. Sweet, and oh-so-Melbourne!

she’s observant, to be sure

a friend recently told me i'd like this, and she was right. i really, really like the keen observations made by designer and mixed-media artist, mary frances foster, in her blog, catch me if you fran.

(thanks, luisa!)

the best stationery in the world

having designed plenty of 'occasion' material for friends and family over the years (see an example here), my conclusion is that should i have any 'special event' of my own, the hardest task would be to design the gear myself.

so, in any such instance, i think i'd delegate to anna bond of rifle design. just lovely.

tracy emin in 2 minutes

damien florebert cuypers is a fantastic illustrator -

even when he isn't working as quickly as this, his style is fresh, bright... pretty lively!

left: 2 minute drawing of tracy emin at the frieze art fair (commissioned by nowness)

mourir après de toi

this is wonderful!

a collaboration between spike jonze, simon cahn and olympia le-tan, "the team wrote the script between Los Angeles and Paris over a six month period, before working night and day animating the 3000 pieces of felt Le-Tan had cut by hand."

each time i watch it i see something else. love the aesthetic, quirky narrative (check out the whale's stomach critters!)... and the soundtrack is cool too.

so clever! and well-naughty, too!

hero: gerhard richter

i've had a newspaper clipping of this richter artwork on my wall for a long time.

i guess in this archive it won't fade as much!

helen was created early in richter's career, when the artist was exploring painting from media, found images, and painting motion.

left: helen, 1963. oil and graphite on canvas.

richter paints

very much looking forward to seeing gerhard richter painting, by filmmaker corinna belz.

at 80, the painter has a remarkable, continuing legacy.

in quiet, highly concentrated images, the film gives us a fly-on-the-wall perspective of a very personal, tension-filled process of artistic creation. we see richter painting. we see him observe and dialogue with his paintings. we see him contemplate, wait, reject, rework and sometimes destroy only to begin anew.